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Intensive in-home counseling which is a service that is provided in the homes of seriously emotionally disturbed youth in an effort to stabilize them in the home and avoid an out of home placement.  It includes the following services:  individual counseling, family counseling, case management and crisis intervention as needed.  Treatment goals are designed specifically to meet the needs of the client and family.  Typical treatment goals include but are not limited to:  increasing compliance with household rules and parental requests, decreasing defiant behaviors and encouraging client’s to think before reacting, decreasing anger outbursts, ceasing physical aggression, promoting healthy family dynamics, promoting communication skills amongst family members, parenting education, helping parents to take control back of their home and supporting appropriate parental hierarchy, reducing symptoms of mood or anxiety disorders and stabilizing the client so they are no longer at risk of removal from the home.  This service typically ranges from 5-10 hours a week.  Medicaid also funds Intensive in-home services.  

Behavior Specialist Services to support the client to address specific behavioral and mental health needs that impact the client’s overall ability to function.  Services are specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the client in either an academic setting or in the home environment.  Behavior specialist services are targeted at decreasing inappropriate behaviors and reinforcing target behaviors.  Mental health needs are also addressed in the same fashion.  Behavior checklists are designed to monitor and track the specific progress and needs of the client.  This service is typically provided to serve as one on one support to children/adolescents who are at risk of removal from the public school setting.

Therapeutic Mentoring to stabilize youth with mental health needs and behavioral difficulties that typically do not rise to the level of needing the more restrictive service of Intensive in-home counseling.    This service is therapeutically driven to accomplish distinct goals such as:  anger control, independent living skills, social skills, communication skills, low self-esteem and etc.  These young people could benefit from a positive adult role model that can support them to make adequate changes to live a healthier more functional life.



Outpatient Therapy to target specific mental health needs and support the client’s to decrease symptoms of mental illness and develop healthy coping strategies.  This service is provided to youth and adults with an array of mental health diagnosis or adjustment disorders.  This again is a lesser restrictive service than that of intensive in-home counseling and is typically done in the office setting.  Most insurance is accepted including Medicaid funding.

Parenting Education Services to specifically assess the individualized parenting strengths and deficits.  Our agency believes in a strength based approach  to capitalize on what the parent’s are doing right and build on that strength to make the changes necessary to minimize their weaknesses.  We appreciate the parent’s feedback and knowledge of their children and their needs.  We listen to what they have to contribute to understand their children’s behaviors.  We assess the parent’s to understand which modality of education is best suited to their level of need and intellectual resources.  Our agency has a strong focus on basic needs issues and potential abuse/neglect concerns.  Our counselor’s can provide one-on-one parent coaching when appropriate to model the appropriate parenting skills and guide the parents to be able to effectively meet their children’s needs on a consistent basis, provide effective discipline, recognize emotional cues, nurture the children effectively, set firm limits, communicate effectively on the children’s level and be a positive role model at all times.  Our agency empowers the parents to gain the necessary skills to manage their children along with their special needs.